About us

     VROOK – founded by a group of Entrepreneurial Engineers, is treading its path towards transforming learning through Virtual Reality and Visualizations. With over 3 years of experience in understanding the higher education sector, the team has evolved with the market to meet the growing needs of the education industry.

     With a diverse team comprising of passionate founders and committed employees, VROOK believes in inspiring students to learn and acquire skill sets which can empower them for a better future. We at VROOK, are guided by world class mentors who believe in our journey. 

     Each course consists of subject matter experts and content specialists who belong to faculty departments of reputed institutes. They are involved in curating the content of the courses provided in the learning platform. 

     VROOK is a learning experience! The world of reality has its limit. But, the world of imagination is boundless. 

     Join us in our endeavor, as we explore the world of education technology and move towards enabling the fourth wave of learning through VIRTUAL REALITY.



Empower students with skill based learning.

Industry training through immersive blended learning.

Become the largest online platform for immersive learning .

Practical experiments, Simulations and Immersive learning through VFX & VR across channels.

Our Team

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