This course covers the Module 4 of the subject “Basic Electronics
It consists of units BJT Applications, Feedback amplifiers and Oscillators

What you will learn

Course Curriculum

Electronics Module 4 preview 00:01:18
BJT Applications, Feedback Amplifiers and Oscillators
BJT as a switch 00:04:19
Feedback Amplifiers 00:05:45
Barkhausen Criteria 00:05:37
RC phase shift Oscillator 00:05:30
Wein Bridge Oscillator 00:13:38
IC 555 Timer 00:04:03
BJT Quiz Unlimited
Notes/Study Materials
Basic Electronics Module 4 notes 00:00:00
BJT as an amplifier 00:20:00
Transistor on off using LED 00:06:00
Properties and advantages of negative feedback 00:05:00
RC phase shift oscillator 00:15:00
Wein Bridge oscillator 00:08:20
IC 555 & Astable state 00:20:00
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