This course covers the Module 2 of the subject “Elements of Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics” It consists units Equilibrium of Forces and Friction.

What you will learn

  • Significance and sign conventions of Free body diagram
  • Lami's Theorem
  • Introduction to Friction and types of friction
  • Terms related to Friction like Coefficient and angle

Course Curriculum

Equilibrium of forces and friction preview FREE 00:01:24
Equilibrium of forces
Free body diagram 00:08:18
Lami’s theorem 00:03:00
Equations of Equilibrium 00:04:26
Introduction to friction 00:02:52
Limiting friction 00:03:47
Types of Friction 00:06:30
Friction terminologies 00:08:19
Notes/ Study Material
Elements of Civil Engineering module 2 notes 00:00:00

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