This course covers the Module 2 of the subject “Basic Electronics
It consists of two units Field effect transistors and Silicon controlled rectifiers

What you will learn

Course Curriculum

Field effect transistors (FET)
Construction of JFET 00:04:32
Working of JFET 00:02:56
Characteristics of JFET 00:12:36
Construction of MOSFET 00:05:21
Working of Depletion type MOSFETs 00:12:34
Working of Enhancement type MOSFETs 00:07:20
CMOS as Inverter 00:05:04
FET Quiz Unlimited
Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR)
Construction & working of SCR 00:08:44
SCR – Two Transistor Analogy 00:02:28
SCR Quiz Unlimited
Notes/ Study materials
Basic Electronics Module 2 notes 00:00:00
Phase control application of SCR – 90 DEGREE 00:06:00
Phase control application of SCR – 180 DEGREE 00:05:00
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