This course covers the Module 1 of the subject “Elements of Mechanical Engineering
This module covers the units IC Engines and Refrigeration

What you will learn

Course Curriculum

Mechanical Module 3 Preview FREE 00:01:33
IC Engines
Four stroke petrol Engine 00:08:11
Four stroke diesel engine 00:06:09
Vapour Compression Refrigerator 00:04:19
Vapour absorption refrigerator 00:06:08
IC Quiz Unlimited
Notes/ Study Materials
Mechanical Engineering Module 3 notes 00:00:00
2 stroke petrol engine 00:05:00
PV diagrams of Otto cycle 00:05:00
Difference between petrol and diesel engines 00:05:00
2 stroke engines v/s 4 stroke engines 00:05:00
Ton of refrigeration 00:05:10
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