This course covers the Module 1 of the subject “Elements of Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
It module covers all the basics related to engineering mechanics

What you will learn

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Civil Engineering & Mechanics preview Details 00:01:40
Introduction to Civil engineering
Particle & Bodies Details 00:04:28
Newton’s laws of motion Details 00:04:06
Types of forces Details 00:05:12
The Composition of Forces Details 00:03:12
Moment Details 00:03:35
Law of Transmissibility of forces Details 00:02:05
Law of Superposition of forces Details 00:01:32
Parallelogram Law of forces Details 00:01:42
Triangle Law of Forces Details 00:01:28
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Notes/ Study Material
Elements of Civil Engineering Module 1 Notes Details 00:00:00
Role of civil engineer in infrastructure development Details 00:09:00
Varignon’s Theorem Details 00:05:56
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