This course covers the Module 1 of the subject “Engineering Physics
This module covers the units Oscillations & waves

What you will learn

  • Definition of Oscillation and Introduction to Simple harmonic oscillator
  • Applications of Simple Harmonic Oscillators
  • Damping and its applications
  • Significance of Mach number
  • Wavefronts of sound and Shockwaves

Course Curriculum

Oscillations & Waves
Introduction to SHM 00:04:56
Mechanical SHM Oscillator 00:03:19
Natural frequency 00:04:38
Resonance 00:03:48
Theory of Damped oscillations 00:03:03
Forced Oscillations 00:02:43
Mach Number 00:03:53
Shockwaves 00:04:12
Phy quiz Unlimited
Notes/ Study materials
Engineering physics Module 1 notes 00:00:00
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