This course covers the Module 4 of the subject “Engineering Physics
It consists of units Quantum mechanics and Lasers

What you will learn

  • Introduction and history of Quantum mechanics
  • Building blocks of Quantum mechanics such as Max Planck's hypothesis, De Broglie's matter waves & Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.
  • Introduction and working of LASER
  • Different types of LASER
  • Applications of LASER

Course Curriculum

Quantum mechanics
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 00:05:56
Max Planck’s hypothesis 00:05:09
De Broglie’s matter waves 00:04:55
Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle 00:07:13
Introduction to LASER 00:10:16
CO2 Laser 00:09:00
Semiconductor Laser 00:08:02
Laser Application – Range finder 00:02:32
Notes/ Study materials
Engineerirng Physics Module 4 notes 00:00:00

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