This course covers the Module 2 of the subject “Basic Electrical Engineering
It consists of units Single phase and Three phase circuits.

What you will learn

  • Behaviour of AC circuits with resistance, capacitance and inductance.
  • Introduction to three phase current
  • Types of connections in three phase current.
  • Power measurement of 3 phase

Course Curriculum

Single phase circuits
AC Circuits with Pure resistance 00:06:17
AC Circuits with Pure inductance 00:07:46
AC Circuits with Pure capacitance 00:12:41
Three phase circuits
Three phase current 00:06:45
Star Connection 00:07:30
Delta Connection 00:04:29
Two Watt meter Method of 3 Phase Power Measurement 00:04:56
Notes/ Study material
Basic Electrical Module 2 notes 00:00:00
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