This course covers the Module 1 of the subject “Elements of Mechanical Engineering
It consists of units Thermodynamics and Energy resources.

What you will learn

  • Basics and introduction to thermodynamics
  • Terms related to Heat, temperature and work
  • Laws of thermodynamics
  • Formation, characteristics and types of steam

Course Curriculum

Thermodynamics & Energy resources preview FREE 00:01:29
Thermodynamics & Energy Resources
Introduction to thermodynamics 00:03:12
Heat, Temperature & Work 00:03:29
Zeroth Law & First Law of Thermodynamics 00:04:24
Second Law of Thermodynamics 00:06:04
Third Law of Thermodynamics 00:02:59
Internal Energy 00:02:37
Enthalpy 00:04:12
Steam Formation 00:06:41
Steam properties 00:02:45
Notes/ Study materials
Mechanical engineering module 1 notes 00:00:00
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