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eLearning content just like any other product or service comes in different versions or variants. Traditionally, many elearning content developers offer three levels of courses that are based on factors such as learning experience, cost, and development time of the said course. Vrook has developed new ways and rolling out the eLearning courses at 4 different levels

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4

Lecture Series

This level of content can be treated as a basic level. If the requirement is to build a vast content library within a few months and cover a lecture series, a training course and longer sessions this level of content offers the best solution.


Best Suited for

Schools & Colleges

Universities & Institutions

Training institutes



Level one


This level of videos are oriented towards demonstration of the product, process and software. It contains multimedia and short animation snippets along with a presenter to communicate the concepts. It is best for educational institutions looking to build virtual lab videos and any companies looking to train staff on certain equipment or software.


Best Suited for

Product Usage Demonstrations

Software Simulations and Demonstrations

Laboratory and Experiment Demonstrations



Animated Explanations

This level is the first advanced level of content. In this level we focus on bringing out quality content output through rich and engaging 2D and motion graphics animations. The instructional design aspect is given key importance in this step to make the content more engaging and interactive.


Best Suited for

Concept explainers

Documentary inserts

Introduction Videos

Visualization of complex concepts

Process and product explanation


Concept Simulation

This is the most advanced level of content where concepts are simulated with the help of rich 3D & 2D animations. This makes the content highly interactive and engaging as it simulates the exact application or product.


Best Suited for

Product , tool or application simulation

Architectural visualization

Simulation of concept to be built or made